Ob Thuy Tofu


Date: 2016, May


 The OB THUY - TOFU was founded in 1992 by Mr. and Mrs. Dao in Sursee and they sell their fried and nature tofu in whole Switzerland to some asian restaurants or asian wholesale like Dai Thanh Trung in Solothurn, A Chau in Basle or even more. As a group work with David Zumbrunn and Alessandro Thüler we designed them a new corporate identity.

I spend a lot time for the idea about combining of something else, because a tofu piece is alone really tasteless, but in combining with vegetables or sesam oil or soja sauce it smells really good. So that was the reason why I work with the sign "+" and with the german word "und" (translated "and"). Our group was divided in three topics. It means that David Zumbrunn worked with "asia" and Alessandro Thüler with the "cube".